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Every small business is different. That’s why we created the Better Business Package. It’s flexible, customizable — and with our new Shared Connect Plans, you only pay for what you need. Fuzzy’s AV will help create a custom Business Cell Plans today.


Connect For Less.  Business Cell Plans

Get incredibly low prices on devices that connect your whole life.

You’ve built your business from the ground up. Now build a Better Business Cell Plan to match your business needs.

Select Devices – Pick from a wide variety to suit your needs. We’ve got a huge selection of phones, tablets, modems and more to keep you connected in the office — or on the road.

Add Better Business Solutions. Latest technology solutions that help run your business more efficiently. From vehicle communications to workplace productivity tools, get business solutions to find the products that meet your needs.

Choose Your Plan. 
Flexible unlimited plans that you customize to fit yout needs!

Pick Bonus Extras.
Tailor your plan with extras only for business. The more lines you activate, the more Bonus Extras you get.

Business Solutions

Check out the latest technology solutions for your business.

Vehicle Monitoring Vehicle monitoring allows owners to view drivers’ locations in real time. If you own the vehicles, you can also make sure they are in tip-top shape. Alerts let you know if any car maintenance is needed, and access on your device helps you stay on top of who is where, and when they’ll be on their way.

Mobile Register Turn a Smartphone or tablet into the sales tools you need. Quickly type up notes, swipe and process credit cards with Square, and hand over the stylus for an easy signature- right on the spot.

Hands-Free Workforce Enjoy the flexibility of a safe and convenient communication center for your drivers on the road. Easy transferal between vehicles allows you and your drivers to have hands-free conversations in any car, while a dock secures a Smartphone to follow a GPS without distraction.

Wireless Workplace Whether you’re answering e-mails from your couch or bringing the whole operation to a trade show, you can’t afford to be out of contact with your customers or employees. Move your landline connection and high-speed internet with ease to quickly set up shop with a wireless router, Wi-Fi range extender and more, so your office can be anywhere you are.

Workplace Monitoring Give yourself peace of mind by keeping an eye on your workspace 24/7. With convenient, wireless access, you can easily check in on your space while you’re out of town, or turn off the lights if someone forgot to hit the switch on their way out. Ensure that you’re in control and at ease, even when you can’t be there yourself.

Presentations On-The-Go Take control of your presentation and sound quality with your own easy-to-use equipment. Win over your crowd and ensure pitch perfect presentations from nearly anywhere.

Wireless Jobsite Get a ruggedized Wi-Fi solution that withstands harsh environments and allows for faster and easier file and information sharing so you can collaborate with anyone from almost anywhere.

Mobile Device Repair

Love your cell or other electronic device and not ready to upgrade or replace, we can help!

Cell Phone Repair at Fuzzy’s

That’s right, Fuzzy’s has in-house cellular phone repair services by P.O.W.E.R.. We fix broken screens and digitizers, charging ports, water-damage, cameras, camera lenses, and many other components! Fast, quick and dependable repair of your current device can save you time and money.


P.O.W.E.R. Also Buys and Sells Quality Used Cell Phones

We carry a large selection of used, refurbished cell phones for when you might be either tight on cash or in the middle of your current phone contract. All phones are fully repaired and tested. Drop in to see what we have available, as selection is always changing!

Have a mobile device laying around? Bring it in! We buy, service and resell all types of mobile devices. We always have a good selection of replacement cell phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops available at great prices.

Remember we have a 90 day warranty on all pre-owned devices and guarantee all products we sell!

Drop in or contact Fuzzy’s. We can assist you in picking out the right solution!