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Business Security & Automation

Fuzzy’s can help keep your business secure. Business Security and Automation

Fuzzy’s is proud to now offer OnePrevent!

Alarms don’t prevent. Alarms don’t predict. OnePrevent does both. A new approach to business security. 

1. OnePrevent constantly measures smoke, temperature, motion and other factors in your business and home

2. OnePrevent learns and adapts to your building’s daily routine to determine what is normal

3. OnePrevent leverages the power of cloud computing to immediately alert you on your smart phone when measured factors change beyond what is normal

One Prevent Security App

We Also Offer:

Business Security Systems

We combine our business security systems with customization solutions that ensure our services meet the needs of your growing business. From high-quality video surveillance to electronic access control and remote monitoring, we put total office security in your control.

Entry Security

For one or multiple entry points, the entry panel creates secure access locations at your place of business.

  • Key Pad Panels
  • Card Swipes
  • Remote Lock Triggers & Releases
Business Security Automation Monroe Wisconsin

Video & System Monitoring

  • Onsite – Monitor your security system with high-quality video surveillance for every area of your business.
  • Remote – See your entire security system at work from a secure web portal or apps on compatible iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices or a remote/off-site computer or tablet.


  • Intrusion Detection – Motion/Infrared & Sensor
  • Fire – Heat, Smoke & CO2 with and without backup lighting


  • Battery – In case of a power outage, battery backup provides an independent power source to the security system to ensure your business is protected in all conditions.
  • Recording – Watch record high-quality video surveillance that monitors every area of your business.

Automotive Security Systems

Secure your company vehicles

  • Remote starts
  • Keyless Entry
  • Vibration/Temper senors
  • Bluetooth module to connect to a smartphone
Drop in or contact Fuzzy’s. We can assist you in picking out the right solution!